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Important Info

Image posted by GEVA regarding tryouts and commitments for this season

Image posted by GEVA regarding tryouts and commitments for this season

This post is to inform everyone about some issues that have arisen regarding the tryout process for this year. The Westchester clubs are aware that Downstate has decided to hold tryouts in early October. This decision is creating animosity and non conformity throughout our area, and we have discussed it with GEVA, the local governing section of USAVolleyball.  The early tryouts are not sanctioned or insured by GEVA. We have raised the points that it is disruptive and potentially harmful to the players, who are in the middle of high school season. However, the tryouts are allowed to occur, as they are not technically against any regulations.

If you have an interest in trying out for Downstate, please be aware of the following information:

As per GEVA regulations, any offers made by Downstate and any commitments made TO them will not be considered binding until November 7th, which is true for all the clubs in our area. This means that you will continue to have the option to tryout for and accept offers from other clubs, regardless of any commitment made before November 7th.

If you feel that the tryouts have been harmful, or that the club is pursuing the relationship aggressively (e.g. contact that is pushing for a commitment etc.) before the November 7th commitment date, GEVA requests that you get in contact with them to let them know, so they can respond appropriately. You can email them at

If you'd like to tryout for our club (in place of or in addition to Downstate tryouts), Alpha Gamma tryouts will be in early-mid November. Our website will be updated with our tryout dates and times, in addition to an email going out with the information for an info meeting in advance of the tryouts.

Looking forward to seeing you in November, and hoping the rest of the high school season is a success!



Alpha Gamma 

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Play Smart;
Play to have fun!
It is our belief that working on and acquiring these
 skills will help young student-athletes
develop into responsible adults. 


"Work on your weaknesses as well as your strengths. If you are uncomfortable with a certain skill--practice, practice, practice. You must get out of your comfort zone and work through your discomfort if you want to improve. Practice is the key to improvement and gaining confidence."

-Kerri Walsh